A Word About Contests…

Remember the movie, Real Genius? There was that one guy that lived in the closet, Lazlo Hollyfeld, and he entered a sweepstakes contest as many times as he could and won 31.8% of the prizes, including the car. Yeah, that was pretty cool.

Lazlo Hollyfeld with multiple handwritten entries. Image Credit: courtesy of Real Genius directed by Martha Coolidge (1985), and TriStar Pictures.

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Trip Report: Las Vegas, Nevada for the Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight

I hesitate to publish this because it’s not a strong example of using points and miles. In fact, this is probably a scenario that several of you may have accomplished on your own. Still, I had to start somewhere, and I already teased pictures from this trip. So I’m pot-committed here.

To begin: I’m a professional boxing fan. This goes back at least from the Hearns-Hagler-Leonard-Duran era right on up to Lomachenko, Inouye, Gonzalez and Triple-G of today (better look ’em up). And ever since Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. and Manny “Pac-Man” Pacquiao rose up to prominence, I’ve always stated that if a fight between the two happened, I’d do everything I could to be in the stands. It was not expected, however, how painful it would be to get a ticket for the fight. The tale is long and harrowing, and I’ll spare you, but let’s just say that without a huge gift from my family — shout out to the cousins! — for my Yakudoshi birthday year (a Hawaii-Japanese tradition) and the sacrifice of almost my entire gambling stake, I would not have been able to secure a nose-bleed-section ticket to fulfill my Vision Quest.

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