Giveaway: $50 Hawaiian Air or $50 Hyatt Gift Cert! At 100 entries, I’ll give away both!

So here’s the deal. I’m giving away a $50 Hawaiian Airlines OR a $50 Hyatt Gift Certificate. And if I get 100 entries — which shouldn’t be hard because I’m giving stuff away for free — I’ll give the winner BOTH prizes.

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Image Credit: courtesy of Hawaiian Airlines.
Image Credit: courtesy of Hyatt.

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Review: Chase Hyatt (VISA Signature) Credit Card

Hyatt has some nice hotels. I mean, super nice. The chain has a fairly small footprint, with only 679 properties as of late 2016, but I’m fairly confidant you can find an aspirational hotel to stay at if you tried hard enough. And this credit card gets you two free nights at any Hyatt property in the world (we’re talking $500+ a night). Sound good? Read on.

Chase Hyatt (VISA Signature) Credit Card

Chase Hyatt (VISA Signature) Credit Card. Image Credit: courtesy of Hyatt and VISA.

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