Trip Report: Japan 2012 – Day 9 – Kyoto Imperial Palace, Ginkakuji, Travel Day to Hakone

Another Travel Day. But there was still some things to see in Kyoto before we wrapped up. The Kyoto Imperial Palace, or Gosho, was the former residence of the Emperor of Japan. But the Imperial family hasn’t resided here since 1869, when the seat transferred to Tokyo. Access is limited by formal request, except for two times a year where the gates are opened to the public. And we happened to be there for one of those times.

Open House, Kyoto Imperial Palace. Image Credit: Ryan.

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Trip Report: Japan 2012 – Introduction, Day 1

Okay, let’s bring back the travel in travel hacking and do a trip report. This one is going way back to 2012 and is really the genesis of our little experiment. You see, this was our honeymoon and we spent a lot. A once in a lifetime type trip, really. But it got me to thinking about the possibilities in replicating the experience. Only cheaper. And I think you’ll find our subsequent Japan trips, although shorter in duration, to be equally awesome. But, first, baseline awesome so you understand where we’re coming from.

T had never been to Japan, while I had lived there for a couple of years and knew how to get around. So we planned on hitting some of the major touristed areas: Tokyo, Kyoto (and Nara) and Hakone. Our flight was on US Airways (via United Airlines), coach seats, and entirely unremarkable.

To begin, here is the first page of our itinerary. The complexity and detail of which has only increased on subsequent trips.

Itinerary, Page One – T and Ryan’s Big Japan Adventure 2012.

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