Quick Pick: 1800-Flowers for Cash Back, Points and Miles

Now, this post is purposefully late to prevent you from incorporating this in to your Valentine’s plans. Because I am not going to be held responsible, one way or the other. But, let’s take a look at the points and miles routine with 1800-Flowers.

Note: there are many variations on this theme, but Frequent Miler has expanded on this matter and I defer to his expertise. He calls it Extreme Stacking.

The foundation of this idea is Amex Offers and their current spend $50 or more, get $15 back. During all the “holidays,” these kinds of offers pop out of the woodwork. 

Screenshot, Amex Offers, 1800Flowers.com. Image Credit: courtesy of American Express.

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Tips, Tricks & Tactics: Discounts on Turbotax, a Cautionary Tale

Very few people enjoy doing their taxes. And, I wouldn’t say I enjoy it, but I’m proactive about it. So it was this past weekend that I resolved to do my taxes — all Saturday evening into Sunday morning. When I finally finished, around 5:30 am, and was all set to pay the fee for Turbotax (referral link), I remembered there might be discounts on Top Cash Back (referral link) or Ebates (referral link). I found a 15% discount on Top Cash Back (7.5% on Ebates) and quickly clicked through in order to pay. It wasn’t until the next afternoon after crashing that I realized that I probably left a lot of money on the table. Sure enough, even on the Top Cash Back site, I discovered a coupon code that would have saves an additional 20% off.

Screenshot, Top Cash Back, Turbotax discount. Image Credit: courtesy of Top Cash Back.

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Gear: eBags for Travel Stuff (and Combo Discounts)

Just about every travel blogger shills for eBags at one time or another, so I guess this is my turn. The thing is, we actually buy a lot of stuff from this site. Basically, eBags is an internet shopping portal to buy luggage and other travel related items. They have their own eBags-branded luggage and travel accessories line, as well as a good selection of other brands like Tumi, Kelsey, Samsonite, American Tourister, Travelpro, Kenneth Cole, etc.

But what makes this such a compelling site is the ability to COMBO DISCOUNTS! Now, I’m skipping a post or two that would discuss shopping portals and the everyday earning points/miles/cash hustle, but let me share some real examples of what I’m talking about:

Tumi Voyageur Daniella Small Backpack. Image Credit: courtesy of Tumi and eBags.

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