Transportation: AirAsia X Coming to Hawaii!

So, have you ever been riding Allegiant Air to Las Vegas, sardined into your bargain basement seats, and thought, “man, I really want to fly international this way”?

Well, cousin, you’re in luck. Because, as my astute colleague,¬†Island Miler of Jeffsetter, and other outlets have already reported, AirAsia X is coming to Hawaii, flying Kuala Lumpur to Osaka to Honolulu.¬†The airline is a long-haul ¬†international low-cost carrier based out of Malaysia. If you want to find out more about the airline, its parent, AirAsia, and the Airbus A330 3 x 3 x 3 seats you’re going to be crammed into (psst, no complimentary luggage, meal service, or entertainment at all), click the links above.

AirAsia X A330-300. Image Credit: YSSYguy via Wikipedia (Creative Commons)

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