Privacy & Ad Notice

Your privacy is important, but let’s face it, this is the Internet. We will try very hard to protect your privacy. Certain information will be collected when you fill out forms or fields on the website, or contact us via email, but this will not be used for evil. Any personally identifiable information will not be shared with any party, but if we can figure out Network Advertising, we know they’ll be tracking you somehow. Probably with cookies. So be aware of that. Also, if you do not want your information shared, please do not share any information with us. Makes it easier all the way around.

In all likelihood, we receive little or no compensation from any of the companies, products or sites discussed here. But, if we did get compensated, that would be awesome. You better believe we’d put some extra effort in highlighting those companies, products and sites with prominent placement and TYPING ALL IN CAPS. Because, you know, we would be getting compensated. Otherwise, we’ll try to be fairly objective regarding our reviews and descriptions of stuff.

Opinions expressed here are ours alone, or possibly the opinion of the other bloggers that we’ve borrowed the information from. No one, especially the other bloggers, will have reviewed, approved, or controlled anything we’ve written here.

This Privacy & Ad Notice is subject to change if we ever get paid advertising up and running.