Expiring 12/31: JCB Credit Card Bonus Cash Back Offer

2nd UPDATE, 1/4/2017: I got a call today from a JCB customer service representative and had a nice, long chat. She explained that JCB rejected my attempted purchase because I hadn’t made one in a while. She also cautioned me, believe it or not, to make smaller transactions so that they won’t be denied. That being said, she extended the promotional offer until January 11 so that I still had the opportunity to earn up to $100 with their promotion. How can I say no to that?

UPDATE, 11/30/2016: I’ve tried two different places to spend $1,000 on this card tonight and the transaction has been electronically rejected. One was a electronic merchant services issue, and the other, I’m not sure. The woman at the register mentioned that another customer’s JCB card was rejected earlier that evening. JCB is a very small, technologically-deficient operator in this country and even up to a few years ago only accepted account payments by checks and not electronic funds transfer. In this case, all that worked against me. Even customer service was closed and won’t be open until the New Year. I guess I’m down a $100 bonus (or up $1,000, depending on your perspective).

Let’s start this off with a really obscure one. For the almost none of you that have a US-issued JCB card, they’re running a limited time bonus cash back campaign. For purchases with transaction dates between December 16-31, JCB will credit your account with additional cash back awards: Continue reading “Expiring 12/31: JCB Credit Card Bonus Cash Back Offer”

The Basics: This Website is Dedicated to You…

So this is my big chance to do my Tommy Vu impression. Remember him? He was this infomercial guy in the late 80s and early 90s, selling some kind of real estate hustle on late night. But mostly he was selling his lifestyle. “Do you see me? Standing in front of all these beautiful women? Riding aboard my fancy yacht? About to eat lunch on the veranda of my humongous mansion? You too can be like me!”

Okay, here’s my wind-up: Not long ago, I discovered the travel hacking game, and, along with my wife, conducted a little experiment that earned about 2.3 million points and miles in a three year period. We use these points and miles mostly for travel — transportation, lodging, etc. — and the money that would have normally been our travel budget now goes towards doing cool stuff. Like watching the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight in Vegas. Or eating at a bunch of Michelin-rated restaurants in Japan. Or sampling some of the finest whiskies in the world. Super cool stuff.

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