Strategies: Our Big Plans for the Rest of 2017!

Although our 3 year experiment is over, T and I are not quite done with hacking our way to free travel. I think we’ve demonstrated that with careful stewardship of credit scores and cards, that this kind of practice is sustainable (at least in the short- to mid-term).

For the rest of the year, our card selection will likely be more opportunistic in nature. We’ll wait for the big bonuses, if they come around. We have enough points and miles for several economy/business round trips to Japan or the mainland, and multiple 3-5+ day stays in various hotel chains, so we’re not aiming for specific programs at this time.

That being said, everything worth doing is worth having a plan. So here’s our plan for the rest of 2017: Continue reading “Strategies: Our Big Plans for the Rest of 2017!”

Strategies: Three Years of Collecting Points and Miles

Today marks exactly the third year of our points and miles experiment. T and I applied for our first credit cards on 2/17/2014 and never looked back. This is a summary of what we’ve collected (all values approximated):


We started with 90,000 HawaiianMiles already banked.

Ryan got 8 new and cancelled 1 credit cards (and downgraded 1 credit card to avoid an annual fee); T got 6 new and cancelled 1 credit cards. Total spending was approx. $40,000 total. Continue reading “Strategies: Three Years of Collecting Points and Miles”

Strategies: Two Simple Trips with Credit Cards

Okay, I think I’ve shared enough of the basics to talk some simple trip strategies. These strategies may or may not result in a (mostly) free trip but a highly subsidized one. But if you plan ahead (and get the right card — by which I mean I hope you got a Chase Sapphire Reserve VISA Infinite (review) when the bonus was 100,000 UR points), you can still do very well.

Continue reading “Strategies: Two Simple Trips with Credit Cards”