About Us

Ryan and T embarked on a three year experiment to see how many points and miles they could earn. Their hypothesis: free trips are better than trips you have to pay for. And at the end of three years, they accrued about 2.3 million points and miles (and counting) and applied them towards travel, cash, and other goodies.

Ryan and T, Kiyomizudera, Kyoto, Japan. Photo Credit: random stranger.

Ryan and T are not experts in travel. When they do go some place, it’s pretty much Japan, the Neighbor Islands, or the West Coast. They have full-time jobs. And they have two young kids, AT and TA, who pretty much suck up all their time and attention. Still, they’ve learned a few things and this website is about introducing points and miles travel hacking to the people of Hawaii! Or whoever. Anyway, that’s what this site is about.

Oh, this site is also about food. Good food. And good whisk(e)y. Travel gear. Hotels. Sights to see. Things to do. And, basically, all the special stuff that can only be afforded when travel costs are reduced to (almost) zero. So buckle up, follow along, and hopefully replicate this little experiment for yourselves.

The Points and Miles Beyond Hawaii logo was designed with assistance from Nathan Francisco of Cisco Design Group. The inspiration was Nainoa Thompson’s navigational star compass. At the center is the ‘Iwa, or Great Frigate Bird, representing the vessel of travel and marking the direction home; meanwhile, the North Star and the Southern Cross represent all the points and miles beyond.

A proactive thanks to all those that will be asked to share stories and pictures. Most of the stock photographs were borrowed (for free) from Ryan McGuire of Bells Design and Gratisography.

Much appreciation for the many without whom this little project would have never taken flight: Marvo, Tricia, Layne, Harv, Ryan, Larry.