This Space Left Intentionally Blank

I took a good long break. There’s a lot going on what with two small kids, a new job, and life in general. But there’s probably a bit more I can say here. So I’m going to finish up describing the “free” trips we took (and how to take similar advantage), and leave you with a few other tips and tricks. The ads are definitely coming down. And I’m leaving this site up for random google searches to find for at least a year to come.

Let’s not forget there are a number of bloggers out there writing about travel hacking. Please seek them out. I can be your spirit animal but for a short time more. 

This decision comes at an interesting personal finance milestone for me. With 19 credit cards to my name (including 3 business credit cards that do not show up on credit reports), I just achieved a perfect FICO Score, as reported by TransUnion Score 8 (via Barclaycard).

Perfect Credit Score, TransUnion Score 8. Image Credit: Ryan.

Considering how much churn there’s been with my accounts over the past 3+ years, this comes as a surprise. So this is another data point to show that travel hacking, if done right, does not have to negatively affect your credit score. That isn’t to say that my score will stay perfect at 850. I’ve since closed two credit cards (to avoid paying the annual fees) and will gear up for another round of card applications later this year. But since I have a full 150 points to play with (in the excellent score range), I can do quite a bit of damage without, you know, doing any damage.

Anyway, expect sporadic posts. But if there’s anything you’d especially like me to cover, or if you have any questions, feel free to post in the comments.


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