Recap: Since the First Post and What’s Coming Up (Hint: Japan)

Okay, a QUICK RECAP of what we covered from the first post until now:

First, don’t miss Points & Miles 101, which is our quick and dirty introduction to travel hacking. And since that’s really too large a topic to cover all at once, check out the blog series, The Basics:

We reviewed a few credit cards, summarized at the Credit Card Reviews page.

Then we shared some Tips, Tricks & Tactics:

Some of our Strategies:

A few Trip Reports:

We also shared a bit of Lodging and Transportation info:

Finally, there was some Quick Picks (limited time information) and we tried to give away some stuff (congrats so far to Ryan N and Lorne K!).


I think I’ve covered almost enough of the basics to make you guys dangerous, so after a few more posts to tidy up, I can start sharing some of our Japan trips, in-depth. We’ll go over everything from planning, transportation, lodging, sites, tips, strategies, to (especially) the food! We’ll make it like Japan Week but maybe stretch it for like a month or so. Because, after all, that’s really what we’re expert at.

In the mean time, if you have any questions or topics you’d like to cover, please leave a message via email or in the comments section below.





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