Quick Pick: 1800-Flowers for Cash Back, Points and Miles

Now, this post is purposefully late to prevent you from incorporating this in to your Valentine’s plans. Because I am not going to be held responsible, one way or the other. But, let’s take a look at the points and miles routine with 1800-Flowers.

Note: there are many variations on this theme, but Frequent Miler has expanded on this matter and I defer to his expertise. He calls it Extreme Stacking.

The foundation of this idea is Amex Offers and their current spend $50 or more, get $15 back. During all the “holidays,” these kinds of offers pop out of the woodwork. 

Screenshot, Amex Offers, 1800Flowers.com. Image Credit: courtesy of American Express.

You could then couple that offer with shopping portals. One option is to search your options with a Shopping Rewards Search Engine like Evreward. A search engine may come up with incomplete information, and I also searched Top Cash Back (referral link, right now you get $5 free cash back) and found a 22.8% cash back offer (plus a 15% promo code CUPIDFFTN that can be used in combination). The other option that stands out is the 30 miles per $ spent on the United Airlines Shopping Portal (promo code MP55 and Mileage Plus # in Member ID box). You can earn on only one shopping portal at one time, and some coupon codes may invalidate offers, so be careful on the combos you try.

Screen Shot, evreward, 1800-Flowers. Image Credit: courtesy of evreward.

Now, I am simplifying here, but if you were to buy a $50 item (after all other discounts) on 1800-Flowers, you’d then get $15 off through Amex Offers. You’d then get up to an additional 22.8% cash back via Top Cash Back, or 1,500 United Airlines MileagePlus Miles (value approximated at $0.015/point or $22.50 for 1,500 miles). Plus whatever you earned from the credit card you spent with.

  • Option 1: $50 item for $23.60 ($15 Amex Offer plus $11.40 Top Cash Back)
  • Option 2: $50 item for $35.00 plus 1,500 UA Miles ($15 Amex Offer; 1,500 UA Miles approx. value of $22.50)

Additional notes: watch out for shipping, see the Celebrations Passport shipping plan for $29.99/year if you are attempting multiple transactions to maximize points and miles. Consider, also, selecting Same-Day Local Florist Delivery to get your flowers from a local florist instead of shipped from the mainland.

If you try this, please share on how it turns out. Have fun out there, you crazy kids!


Use this link for Top Cash Back for cash back shopping and a $5 sign-up bonus.

Use this link to Ebates for cash back shopping and a $10 sign-up bonus.

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