Transportation: AirAsia X Coming to Hawaii!

So, have you ever been riding Allegiant Air to Las Vegas, sardined into your bargain basement seats, and thought, “man, I really want to fly international this way”?

Well, cousin, you’re in luck. Because, as my astute colleague, Island Miler of Jeffsetter, and other outlets have already reported, AirAsia X is coming to Hawaii, flying Kuala Lumpur to Osaka to Honolulu. The airline is a long-haul  international low-cost carrier based out of Malaysia. If you want to find out more about the airline, its parent, AirAsia, and the Airbus A330 3 x 3 x 3 seats you’re going to be crammed into (psst, no complimentary luggage, meal service, or entertainment at all), click the links above.

AirAsia X A330-300. Image Credit: YSSYguy via Wikipedia (Creative Commons)

That being said, what I wanted to show you was flight availability. Now, why would you subject yourself to a flight like this? Because round trip low fare seats between Honolulu and Osaka (KIX) are currently going for a promotional price of $291.36 (with all taxes and fees)! Starting June 28, 2017 (or, at least, that was the first day I found availability), they’ll be flying 4 times a week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, and flights are on sale now (but you’re going to have to be a little flexible to find a ticket at the lowest price).

AirAsia X Screenshot. Image Credit: courtesy of AirAsia X.

As you can see, I found this booking, HNL to KIX departing August 30 (next day arrival) and the return, KIX to HNL departing September 2. For $291.36.

For the price of an almost-full-plane round trip ticket to a neighbor island (and about $80 cheaper than an Allegiant round trip ticket to Las Vegas), you can fly to Japan. Which is awesome.

Now, AirAsia X also has premium flatbed seating which will run you about $1400-1500 (and they do offer the normal amenities with that ticket: 2 pieces of checked baggage, meal, pillow and duvet, lounge access, entertainment, priority baggage, boarding and check-in, changeable ticket), but for that price, I’d consider the points and miles route.

Oh, and flying all the way to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (KUL) will only add about $100 to the low fare round trip total ($397.02), and maybe $200 to the premium flatbed price.

AirAsia also has a loyalty program called BIG Points. You can earn them flying with the airline (revenue based) or with a number of partners (mostly Malaysia based). While loyalty flights are not currently available with flights to Hawaii, it appears that redemption for low fare seats would be 30,000 one way.

Have fun out there, kids!

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