Tips, Tricks & Tactics: the One Thing to Get You Started with Points and Miles

Companies give you points and miles and cash and merchandise to win your loyalty. These companies want something in return — yes, ultimately, they want your hard earned cash, but, in the mean time, they want one thing. Your email address.

They want to keep in touch; they want to know what you like; they want to know what you’re doing; they want to tell you all about themselves. Basically, they’re like bad stalker exes. So give them what they want: CREATE A NEW EMAIL ADDRESS. 

Create it for loyalty programs: airlines, hotels, car rentals, restaurants, retailers, etc. For shopping portals. For dining rewards. For contests. For basically every reason other than staying in touch with friends and family — wait, who stays in touch with friends and family by email these days?

Anyway, every one of these companies (except me) will spam you relentlessly. Which is fine. Let them do it. Because through all that dross, you will be getting what you want: points and miles and discounts and contest entries and specific news that will benefit you. Sift through the mess, take what you want, delete the rest.

Now, with your new email address, enter my giveaway for a $50 Hawaiian Airlines Gift Certificate. Because even if I harvested your email address (which I won’t), and even if I spammed you over and over again (which I’m not), it won’t be a problem. Because it’s your junk drawer of email addresses.

Last chance. This particular giveaway ends 2/9/17 at midnight HST.


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