Gear: gb Qbit LTE Compact Stroller

This is a quick post for those that have children (or will soon). If you want or need to travel with them, you will carry a whole bunch of stuff that you never imagined needing to carry before. But T and I found a way to make your lives that much easier: the gb Qbit LTE Compact Stroller. It’s light, easy to maneuver, comfortable for your baby or toddler, compact, foldable with one hand(!), and just an all around wonderful piece of equipment.

gb Qbit LTE. Image Credit: courtesy of gb.

During travel, this stroller makes life so easy. Since I had to go through TSA screening by myself with TA (the toddler), I was still able to take him out of the stroller and fold it down with one hand to place it on top of the x-ray conveyor. There isn’t another stroller I’m aware of out there that makes it so simple to manipulate. Got to the other side of TSA, grabbed the stroller and popped it open in one motion to get TA strapped up again. So. Easy. And, although we gate checked it for our flight, this stroller will fit into most airline overhead compartments — which means you will have no problems fitting this into any trunk or random space in your vehicle.

Just watch the video and see if you don’t agree with us:

Video Credit: courtesy of gb (via YouTube).

The obvious drawbacks of this stroller are that it can only support one child;  the attachments for baby carriers appear to only support gb branded carriers; and it doesn’t come with all the extras like food trays or bag straps to hold all your stuff (although the storage space at the bottom is rather large and accessible both from all sides).

This stroller appears to be available at a moderate range of online and brick and mortar stores, but I just found it on sale at Babies R Us for $149.99 (with free shipping). Regular price: $199.99.

Note: there was a previous recall with these gb strollers, but the ones in store are redesigned with slight modifications and will not collapse upon your children to cause minor injury. Or so they claim.


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