Tips, Tricks & Tactics: Discounts on Turbotax, a Cautionary Tale

Very few people enjoy doing their taxes. And, I wouldn’t say I enjoy it, but I’m proactive about it. So it was this past weekend that I resolved to do my taxes — all Saturday evening into Sunday morning. When I finally finished, around 5:30 am, and was all set to pay the fee for Turbotax (referral link), I remembered there might be discounts on Top Cash Back (referral link) or Ebates (referral link). I found a 15% discount on Top Cash Back (7.5% on Ebates) and quickly clicked through in order to pay. It wasn’t until the next afternoon after crashing that I realized that I probably left a lot of money on the table. Sure enough, even on the Top Cash Back site, I discovered a coupon code that would have saves an additional 20% off.

Screenshot, Top Cash Back, Turbotax discount. Image Credit: courtesy of Top Cash Back.

I also found an Amex Offer I had saved for an additional $10-20 off.

Screenshot, Amex Offers, Turbo Tax Discount. Image Credit: courtesy of American Express.

Ultimately, I will be saving $19.05 on my purchase of Turbotax services in order to prepare and file my taxes. I could have saved, however, approximately $62.43 ($26.53 coupon 20% off + $15.90 Ebates 15% off + $20 Amex Offer). In my sleep deprived state, I lost out on $43.38 in savings. Learn from my mistake and combo your discounts. Because no one wants to pay more around tax time.

Oh, incidentally, Top Cash Back is also running a Valentine’s Day treasure hunt contest right now with clues given on their facebook page (topcashbackUSA) to win cash. Top prize is $1000 and I won $0.75 so far.

Note: this wasn’t really a post about travel. In order to make this more relevant then, a quick search revealed that procuring Turbotax services through Travel Shopping Portals would also have resulted in some miles earned: Alaska Airlines, 350 miles; American Airlines,  450 miles; Hawaiian Airlines, 7.5 miles per dollar spent, Hilton HHonors, 11.0 points per dollar spent, etc.

Referral Links:

  • Turbotax, get 20% off a paid federal product.
  • Top Cash Back, get nothing but discounts.
  • Ebates, get $10 after making a $25 or more purchase.


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