Quick Picks: Amex Offers, Neiman Marcus $50 credit, Manufactured Spending, and Gift Card Arbitrage

Okay, so this post introduces a lot of high level topics that I haven’t even covered yet, but I just wanted to let you know it’s out there. I’ll try to explain in future posts, but try to follow me around the room:

  • Amex Offers released this today: “Get a one-time $50 statement credit by using your enrolled Card to spend a minimum of $200+ in one or more transactions online at NeimanMarcus.com by 3/16/2017.”
  • I then added this Offer to multiple American Express cards using the multi-tab trick.
  • Working through a Shopping Portal, I went to NeimanMarcus.com and bought two $200 gift cards, each one with a separate Amex card.  I experimented with both Top Cash Back (8.5% cash back) and Ebates (4%) because Top Cash Back explicitly states it will not award cash back for gift cards (although there are multiple reports of receiving the cash back bonus for Neiman Marcus gift cards, anyway).
  • I received email confirmations for both purchases that I successfully used an Amex Offer.
  • I will soon receive by email two $200 Neiman Marcus virtual gift cards and then resell them via a Gift Card Reseller. I’ve identified Cardpool, as a reseller that will buy these cards instantly for $167 cash or $177.02 as an Amazon Gift Card.
  • By completing this sequence for two cards, I’ll have earned $34-$54.04 in value for the cards, and potentially another $25 ($17 for Top Cash Back and $8 for Ebates) if both Shopping Portals provide their cash back. I’ll also have generated the credit card points on the transaction (in this case, 600 Hilton Honors Points and 200 American Express Membership Rewards Points).
  • I could have done this sequence 9 times with all the Amex cards we have access to (including authorized user cards).

Note: this kung fu is very 36th Chamber. And I wouldn’t suggest going there. But if you do, remember, it’s at your own risk.



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