A Word About Contests…

Remember the movie, Real Genius? There was that one guy that lived in the closet, Lazlo Hollyfeld, and he entered a sweepstakes contest as many times as he could and won 31.8% of the prizes, including the car. Yeah, that was pretty cool.

Lazlo Hollyfeld with multiple handwritten entries. Image Credit: courtesy of Real Genius directed by Martha Coolidge (1985), and TriStar Pictures.

Anyway, in 2015, IHG and MasterCard held a promotion called Priceless Surprises, which was also pretty cool, because while they limited you to 94 entries, every single one was guaranteed 500 IHG Rewards Club points (worth about $3.50). Sure, there were big ticket prizes like all expense paid trips to Paris and New York, but failing that, at the very minimum, you’d be getting 47,000 IHG Rewards Club points (94 entries x 500 points). And 50,000 points was enough for  1 night at the most exclusive hotels in the IHG chain — think Paris, London, Tokyo, Bora Bora). So T — after much cajoling — and I decided to take part in the contest and sent in 188 handwritten pieces of paper in 188 handwritten stamped envelopes. And we won! Or won some, anyway. For a $110 investment in stamps, envelopes, plain white pieces of paper, and ink from several pens, we ended with 111,000 points and a $50 debit card, for a total win of about $717 ($820 in prizes – $110 in expenses). Of course, after many, many travel hackers also sent in their maximum 94 handwritten entries, suffice to say, there won’t be another IHG/MasterCard promotion quite like that one ever again.

But if there was one, I’d tell you about it.

IHG Contest Screenshots of some wins. Image Credit: Ryan.

Anyway, that was the long way around in saying there are two opportunities currently available to you. One is a $50 Hawaiian Airlines gift certificate giveaway that you’d have a pretty good chance of winning; click here for that.

And the other is Zippy’s Restaurants and their seemingly never-ending supply of Las Vegas Trips for Two (courtesy of Vacations Hawaii). The thing that makes this one stand out is that they’re giving away 24 trips for 2, which betters your odds slightly.

This is your typical Zippy’s contest: from January 2 to February 12, get an entry form with any purchase, complete the information, and slip it into the entry box. The contest is open to all Hawaii residents with valid Hawaii ID and/or proof of residence, 21 years of age or older (with some exclusions). There is an alternate form of entry, no purchase required, where you can enter as many handwritten entries as you want. See official rules for more information.

Zippy’s Logo. Image Credit: courtesy of Zippy’s Restaurants. Next. Stop. Trademark Infringement.

If I see a contest out there, I’ll try and report it back. Because if I don’t win it, might as well be you. Same thing goes for you, though. If you see a contest out there, especially something travel related, let this blog know and I’ll share the information. Because if you don’t win it, might as well be me.

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