For those of you with unlinked Alaska Airlines and Virgin America accounts…

UPDATE, 1/9/2017: The Points Guy and other outlets report that Alaska Airlines confirmed that people active in both Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan and Virgin America Elevate, as of December 5, 2016, would receive a bonus 10,000 miles. Additionally, Elevate members who do not have Mileage Plan accounts will be offered either a 10,000 mile bonus or $100 credit as a welcome bonus to Alaska Airlines.

You might want to consider linking them. I logged into Award Wallet to check points and miles balances, and discovered that 10,000 Alaska Mileage Plan miles were mysteriously posted to T’s and my account. The description of the activity: “SPECIAL SERVICES ELEVATE MEMBER OTO 10K BONUS.” Now, T and I have never flown Alaska Airlines or Virgin America before, but we do have loyalty accounts with a few miles in each (and a BoA Alaska Airlines VISA Signature Card). The only interaction I’ve done recently was link the two accounts. Even the discussion on Flyer Talk is unsure for the reason behind the bonus, but others have verified linking accounts and receiving the same bonus today.

If you haven’t already, link your Alaska Airlines and Virgin America frequent flyer accounts (or even create them first, then link them). Just in case. The bonus 10,000 Alaska Mileage Plan miles (a little wordy, no?) are worth 28.6% of the 35,000 miles required (minimum) for a round trip coach ticket from Hawaii to the mainland. Or 20% of the 50,000 required (minimum) for a round trip coach ticket from Hawaii to Japan. So, it’s not nothing.

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