The Basics: This Website is Dedicated to You…

So this is my big chance to do my Tommy Vu impression. Remember him? He was this infomercial guy in the late 80s and early 90s, selling some kind of real estate hustle on late night. But mostly he was selling his lifestyle. “Do you see me? Standing in front of all these beautiful women? Riding aboard my fancy yacht? About to eat lunch on the veranda of my humongous mansion? You too can be like me!”

Okay, here’s my wind-up: Not long ago, I discovered the travel hacking game, and, along with my wife, conducted a little experiment that earned about 2.3 million points and miles in a three year period. We use these points and miles mostly for travel — transportation, lodging, etc. — and the money that would have normally been our travel budget now goes towards doing cool stuff. Like watching the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight in Vegas. Or eating at a bunch of Michelin-rated restaurants in Japan. Or sampling some of the finest whiskies in the world. Super cool stuff.

And the pitch: “You too can be like me!” I see you all the time. Construction dude with a wad of cash paying for his plate lunch with a hundred dollar bill. Aunty with her coupons and her coin purse making her payment with exact change. Woman dressed all in Lululemon swiping her debit card for her Jamba Juice. Even the guy carrying exactly one credit card in his back pocket — you from Hawaii? You know which one (hint: Hawaiian Miles). I created this website for all you guys so that you too can take advantage of this points and miles travel hacking game. So we can all get out and travel more. So we can all do more cool stuff. I hope you follow along.


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